Topshop Highlighter in Crescent Moon

This time last week I posted my collection of liquid and cream highlights and I told you that the Topshop Glow Post in Polished was identical to Topshop’s powder highlight in Crescent Moon but I’ve never shared this highlighter with you which surprises me a little.


I’ve had this highlighter for around 4 or 5 months now and it has quickly become my most loved highlighter, and for good reason.

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Empties #4: Hair Care Edition

After sharing my skincare and makeup empties, I thought today should be all about the hair products I’ve used up. I’m trying to venture out into new hair products this month which I have a post all about up in a couple of weeks but these products are pretty standard items for me.


I’m not one to use up a lot of styling products, but give me all the conditioner and dry shampoo! I definitely get through those the quickest.

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The Perfect Photo Gift

When I went to the Girl Gang Event around a month ago the goodie bag was full of really exciting things which I’ve slowly been testing out to let you know what I think about them. Today’s date is also my 2nd anniversary with my boyfriend and although we don’t buy each other gifts all that often, when I saw a little discount code for some photo fridge magnets I thought it was the perfect gesture to put alongside the card.


These photo magnets came courtesy of Cheerz and I ordered the Pack of 9 Square Magnets* to be an nice accompaniment to the card, and I can’t believe how well they’ve turned out!

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Testing Liquid & Cream Highlighters

We all know that highlighters are having their time, and I’m on board with it. Not chunky glitter highlight, but I’m definitely all about that subtle sheen. I feel like the best way to achieve something a little more subtle is using a cream but I always forget to use them as they sit at the back of a drawer that I don’t go into until after I’ve powdered. Whoops?

Overview Closed

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve used a cream or a liquid highlight most days to decide which ones I’d recommend and which ones I’d steer clear of in the future.

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Empties #4: Makeup Edition

If you read my last empties post, you’ll know that I’ve used up a lot of products recently and split the empties into separate categories. Today I’m talking about the makeup products that I’ve used up over the last three months or so.

Overview 2

I find makeup the hardest to use up as I buy a lot and switch up which products I use most days so it’s usually a pretty good sign that I’ve enjoyed a product if I’ve used it up. In fact, three of these products I have repurchased since using up!

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How To Relax Without Beauty

I don’t know about you, but my go to method of relaxing is slapping on a face mask, jumping in a bubble bath with a glass of wine and closing my eyes for 20 minutes. It works for me and that’s fine, but when I was at university I didn’t have a bath and I tended to reach for vodka more often than the slightly classier glass of wine.


So when I don’t have access to a bath, or when it’s just too hot for one (I’m looking at you September heatwave), I have a few ways to relax other than my go-to.

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My Autumn Lip Picks

September means autumn in the blogging community (despite it not being officially autumn until next week) which means it’s time to whip out the cable knits and berry lips. I’ve already begun transitioning my skincare to some more autumn/winter friendly products which I will be talking about next week, but today I want to share with you my favourite lip products for this time of the year.


Until last year I wasn’t that brave with my lip products so I’ve got some easier shades to wear than others as well as my more extreme lip colours. These are my top 5 for your collection for this season.

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Empties #4: Skincare Edition

As mentioned a little while ago, I’m trying to use up a lot of products before I go out and buy more because I have so god damn many! I’ve been throwing them in a bag for an empties post for a little while but when I pulled them out to photograph them I realised I had way too many to put in one post.


There are going to be four posts along these lines over the next few weeks (so I don’t bore you with similar posts every day for a week) and I’m starting with skincare.

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Just Go For A Walk

I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon with posts. I tend to write what I want to write about which tends to be beauty, and not really write about what’s going on in the news or social media. I don’t do clickbait. But after a comment that was made on Thursday about mental health and me wanting to put my two cents in with a bit of backlash, I wanted to explain myself.


#JustGoForAWalk was trending and I’m not going to put in anything about the girl who stated it originally (she can believe what she wants and I will let people have an opinion), I just want to tell you how I feel about it all.

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Makeup Repurchased

A couple of weeks ago I posted my repurchased skincare, so today I thought I’d conclude this mini duo of posts with the makeup products that I have repurchased. I buy a lot of makeup so I have to really love a product to repurchase it, rather than picking up something new.


Some of these products I’ve repurchased more than once and more than half of these products have been introduced to me in the last year.

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